Bill Rock Art

BatPig: Character Development Phase

August 2 - August 5, 2017

Civilian Art Projects

In his second solo exhibition at Civilian Art Projects, Bill Rock assembles a menagerie of characters known to the hero in training, BatPig. According to the artist, “The artwork in this exhibit is based on a story of a common being with big dreams. It is a story of becoming an unexpected hero (of sorts) in a time of social and political discontent, of representing in a perpetual human cycle. This exhibit showcases a number of characters, the main one of whom feels he can present a greater good, or to simply reinvent himself in order to serve a purpose more important than himself. Due to his humble origins and limited exposure to the world at large, his goals are minor: basically to dress the part, and to identify his friends and foes. This is a fairly sizable challenge for a pig. But this isn't just any pig, this is BatPig.” Works are mixed media collage on canvas (acrylic, watercolor, marker, pencil, pastel, pre-printed paper, printing ink).